About us
Las rosquillas son nuestra pasión. Hacemos pequeña tandas de nuestros donuts durante el día. Cambiamos nuestra carta de sabores cada día!
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About us

Our recipe was developed through months of trials until we achieved that just right mix of taste and texture.

We use 100% all natural ingredients, organic and local whenever possible, to make our products that are inspired by the seasons and flavours of Barcelona and our travels. Fresh fruits, juices, spices, eggs, and chocolates are used to produce all of our doughs and fillings in-house.  

Our products are produced in small batches throughout the day with three fermentations, hand cut and fried to make them as fresh and delicious as possible. We change the menu every day. Come early to have the best selection, your favourite might sell out!

The Process

La Donutería - The Process

Our process begins the day before as we use a “masa madre” to make them rise and to impart a slow developed flavour.

La Donutería - The Process

Using the basis of the masa madre, and starting in the early morning, the dough is made and then goes through three fermentations to achieve the flavour and texture that we like. Rolled out and cut by hand, truly artisanal at every level.

La Donutería - The Process

Fried to a perfect golden hue, we then fill them with our homemade creams, curds, compotes and jams before dipping them into our glazes made of real fruit, chocolate and spices.

Great Ingredients + Passion + Knowhow

La Donutería / Richard Bies

Richard has worked in the kitchen since he was tall enough to wash the dishes, and his career as a Pastry Chef brought him to NYC, San Francisco, Asia and the Caribbean and many places in between working at hotels, restaurants and pastry shops. He came to Barcelona in 2007 and fell in love with the city, it’s culture and food. While running the pastry kitchens at the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona and then Pasteleria Escribà, he longed for comfort foods of his childhood in the U.S. He wanted to be able to share his passion for a great pastry that has a myriad of variations and to produce it with the best quality ingredients and a constantly evolving menu. In 2012 the planning began and in May of 2014 La Do Barcelona was opened.